Volume 3  –  document 262

On 27 September 1939 the Regional Psychiatric Hospital in Jihlava provides notification of its measures against Jewish patients1MZAB, ZÚ Brno, B 40 III, box 6972. This document has been translated from Czech.

Letter from the Regional Psychiatric Hospital, Jihlava (no. 282), signed Krátký, to the Regional Office, Dept. IV/9, Brno (received on 28 September 1939), dated 27 September 19392The original contains handwritten notes, an official stamp, and the following handwritten addition: ‘The transfer of non-Aryan patients to the hospital in Kroměříž is, as he originally thought, not possible yet, since the Kroměříž hospital has to set aside 460 beds for military use.’

Re: segregation of patients – Jews from Aryans
Re: number 33 192/IV/9, dated 14 September 19393This is not in the file.
Attachments: 24These attachments are not in the file.

In reference to the letter m ref. no. 33 192/IV/9 dated 14 September 1939, the undersigned directorate hereby states that it has successfully separated non-Aryan patients here at the hospital.

This concerned ten men and nine women. Two isolation rooms in infirmary ward II were adapted for the men and two isolation rooms in infirmary ward V were adapted for the women. They are strictly divided from the other patients. They use separate sinks located directly in the rooms. Dishes (plates, bowls, and cups) are set apart from the others and washed separately.

The non-Aryan patients also use separate lavatories. Strict separation, with separate staff in a separate ward, was not feasible, both because the institute is over capacity and due to the insignificant number of non-Aryan patients. In principle, there would be no objections to the Brno directorate’s proposal for Jewish patients to be concentrated at the provincial hospital in Kroměříž, but [the undersigned] would like to note that the question of potentially evacuating the Jihlava hospital remains current, and it would therefore be practical to reserve a facility to isolate the Jews in Kroměříž for any patients evacuated from the Jihlava hospital.5Handwritten addition in the original: ‘Deadline: 10 Jan. 1940.’ Handwritten addition underneath: ‘The deadline has been cancelled because the entire Jihlava hospital has been allocated. Record for the permanent file. 17 Jan. 1940.’

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