The PMJ series features 16 volumes with over 5,500 translated historical documents that offer a multifaceted look at the persecution and murder of the European Jews by Nazi Germany.
The Persecution and Murder of the European Jews by Nazi Germany, 1933–1945. This map shows all countries that feature in the PMJ series and the volumes in which they are the specific focus.

Structure of the series

The 16 volumes in the series are grouped and organized chronologically and geographically to document the persecution and murder of the Jews as events unfolded in the German Reich and in the different territories of Nazi-occupied Europe.

Volumes 1–3, together with Volumes 6 and 11, are focused on the persecution of the Jews in Germany, annexed Austria from 1938, and in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia from 1939.

Volume 5 documents developments in occupied Western and Northern Europe from 1940 up to the start of the systematic deportations in spring/summer 1942, and the companion Volume 12 covers the same territories from summer 1942 until liberation.

Since the overall coverage in the series is weighted to reflect the regions with the largest Jewish populations at the start of the Second World War, three volumes (4, 9, and 10) address events in occupied Poland (annexed territories and the General Government) and two volumes (7 and 8) cover the occupied territories of the Soviet Union.

An additional path-breaking feature of the series is its extensive coverage of events in Slovakia, Romania, and Bulgaria (Vol. 13); occupied south-eastern and southern Europe (Vol. 14); and Hungary (Vol. 15). The concluding Volume 16 focuses on Auschwitz and on the death marches in the final months of the Second World War.

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