Volume 5  –  document 100

On 5 November 1941 Baruch Wagenaar asks to be allowed to retain his mentally disabled daughter’s non-Jewish carer1NIOD, 020/1461. This document has been translated from German.

Letter from Baruch Wagenaar,2Baruch Chajim Wagenaar (1883–1943), sales representative; committed suicide on 22/23 April 1943 along with his wife, Berta Adele Wagenaar-Susholz (1878–1943), and their daughter, Maria Leonie Wagenaar (1913–1943). Naarden, 28 Lambertus Hortensiuslaan, to the Secretary General for Administration and Justice,3Friedrich Wimmer. office of the Reich Commissioner (received on 8 November 1941), The Hague, 5 November 19414The original contains the handwritten comment: ‘1) Note: Regulation 200/41 creates so many cases in which implementation and refusal to grant an exception leads to hardship that in this case too I cannot take responsibility for making an exception. 2) Respectfully referred to Dr Stüler for a decision. Signed Calmeyer, 10 November 1941’.

Regarding regulation prohibiting the employment of Aryans in Jewish households5Regulation on Employment in Jewish Households, VOBl-NL, no. 200/1941, 22 October 1941, pp. 846–848.
In connection with the above regulation, I am writing to you politely with the following request.
Our only child, twenty-seven years old, has been mentally ill for ten years now.
The doctors who treated her considered it extremely desirable for her mental as well as her physical condition that she spend time outdoors every day.
For five years now, we have had a girl coming for half-days to entertain our daughter and go for bicycle rides with her.
After much difficulty we finally succeeded in finding this suitable companion for our daughter, and the patient has grown very attached to her over time. A change would have undesirable consequences.
For this reason I respectfully beseech you, also on behalf of my wife, to make an exception in our case by allowing us to retain the girl for our daughter. We would be extremely thankful to you for this.
Yours sincerely

The mayor of Naarden confirms that the aforementioned circumstances are known to him and correct. Approval is respectfully recommended.
Naarden, 5 November 1941.
signed J. E. Boddens Hosang6Jacob Eliza Boddens Hosang (1899–1958), mayor of Naarden (province of North Holland), 1935–1942.

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